How Often Should You Replace Makeup Brushes?

You can use makeup brushes for as long as you want. However, they won’t be applying effectively after some time, and even worse, they can get infectious. If not hygienically kept, makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria. With that said, how should you replace your makeup brushes? In this blog, we will focus more on this question, so keep browsing! 

While there is no hard and fast rule for how often to replace makeup brushes, the consensus amongst experts is that you should do it every few months. This helps to keep the bristles clean and effective at applying makeup, as well as preventing the spread of bacteria. If you notice your brushes are shedding or losing their shape, it is probably time to replace them. Besides replacing your makeup brushes every few months, wash them regularly with shampoo and hot water.

When shopping for new makeup brushes, look for those made of natural fibers such as Taklon or nylon. These bristles are less likely to irritate the skin and can be used with most makeup products. Choose a brush based on its intended use. For instance, flat brushes are great for applying foundation, while rounder ones work well for blending eyeshadow. With proper care, your new makeup brushes should last you several months before needing to be replaced.

Now, let’s see how often you should replace makeup brushes and other makeup tools.

1. Makeup Sponges 

Most beauty routines involve both makeup brushes and sponges. Similarly, makeup sponges need regular washing. They, too, can harbor skin-harming bacteria. 

Beauty Blender founder Rea Ann Silva says you should clean your Beauty Blender every time you use it. When was the last time you washed yours? Since it gets wet when using it, why not give the beauty blender a quick wash, too? Rea says. She further says, “They have a cleanser to help clean and maintain the integrity of your Beauty Blender so that it can serve you for at least six months. However, the lifespan depends on two factors: how often you use it and how you take care of your Blender.”

To maintain the integrity of your makeup sponges, you must wash them thoroughly. But not in a washing machine or microwave; instead, use specialized sponge cleaners, like Beauty Blender Liquid Blendercleanser.

2. Makeup Brushes

For your makeup brushes to last a year, you ought to clean and store them properly, explains Jenny Patinkin, a makeup artist. She further advice that if you notice your brushes shed, feel brittle, become scratchy or dented, know it’s worn out. They need replacement. 

To prolong your brush’s lifespan, wash it with a makeup brush cleanser weekly, and remember to lay them on a flat surface or dry towel to dry. Don’t dry while standing them upright because water might loosen the glue on the brush head.

3. Eyelash Curler

After a year of heavy use, you’ll notice that the rubber pad insert in a lash curler will also break down over time, either getting too compressed into the track it sits in, making it too low and squishy to get a curl, or forming a deep groove on the top that can trap your lashes. Try to replace the pad every year for the best results. If you’re willing to spend more on eyelash curlers, buy those with metal or silicone pads. They are likely to last much longer.

“They’re really not that expensive,” Patinkin says. “They can last for years if you take care of them.”

To keep your curler working perfectly, clean it regularly. Most should be able to run under warm water to remove any makeup build-up, which should be gentle enough not to damage the rubber. If the pad is still soft, you might see it become distorted or misshapen after use. If it’s not entirely flat, you might shape it back into place, but if you notice hairline cracks forming, toss it away and buy a new one.

4. Darmablade

You’ve probably heard of dermaplaning, but do you know what it is? The procedure, often confused with a chemical peel or microdermabrasion, is a method of exfoliation that involves manually shaving the top layer of skin with a small blade or a tool designed explicitly for dermaplaning.

In one significant difference from those other treatments (not to mention shaving), dermaplaning doesn’t remove any actual skin cells–just the things growing on the surface.

Because dermaplaning involves gently shaving the top layer of your skin using a device or razor, it’s hygienically essential to ensure the tools you use are clean. Also, don’t re-use the blade or edge. They are to be used once because you risk infection by reintroducing the just removed bacteria from your skin surface back to your face.  

5. Tweezers

Like your favorite makeup brushes, your tweezers will lose their effectiveness. Tweezers rarely break down or reach an expiry, but after some period, they lose the ability to grab hair. Likewise, a tweezer may not hold the hair properly because of misalignment. When this happens, know it’s time to purchase new tweezers or sharpen them. 

How often should you replace your makeup brushes? It’s our hope you now have the answer to this question. For more beauty tips on makeup brushes, click here.

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